EzBlock Pi

The Ultimate Motherboard Companion 

for Raspberry Pi

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IoT Integration

Voice Control 

Bluetooth Remote Control

Blockly & Python IDE

What you can do with EzBlock Pi ?

Making IoT Projects Achievable

EzBlock Studio features a simplistic drag-drop coding process to escalate the integrated power of Raspberry Pi and EzBlock Pi. No more complex and tedious programming. Making your IoT projects a reality easier and efficient than ever. 

Create Personal Prototype Anytime From Anywhere

EzBlock Pi+ empowers you with mobile programming. A seamless user experience by using Bluetooth to flash codes wirelessly within seconds. Without the messy cable, you can now program your projects instantly, even on the go!

Struggling To Get Circuit Right?

Make your entire hardware circuit with 95% more efficient by first creating a roadmap on the software app. Before you put your hands on the physical circuit building, simply use EzBlock Studio to virtually build your circuit on the app, and easily detect if your circuit setup is right or not.

What's Ezblock Pi ?

An stm32 controller run app, EzBlock Pi+ that enables to unlock physical computation applications with all types of Raspberry Pi. With high DIYing possibilities and sensor extension, EzBlock Pi enriches the developing and learning experience. And no additional power supply required. Easy, Efficient, Effortless. 

ADC Ports

Digital Output Ports 

Mini Servo Motor Ports

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